What To Do When You're Injured

Well… i was supposed to work today but I fucked up my ankle while skating before work. 3 weeks off work. Gues this means 3 weeks of gaming and Netflix

The good-Time to watch Daredevil, Mortal Kombat X comes out Tuesday

The bad-No income for the next 3 weeks, Stuck at home for 3 weeks pretty much, No skateboarding for 3 weeks

You said it - gaming and watching TV.

I’m out for the next three days myself - going in to get a kidney stone treated tomorrow morning. I have a LOT of time with Bloodborne scheduled. :slight_smile:

@BalekFekete isn’t telling the truth. He’s getting “the change”. Bruce Jenner inspired him. Not that we judge. Well, I do.


Im 23

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Lala… I said I wouldn’t take your money, no matter how much extra you offered. Time to move to a new city now that you’ve burned through all the trannies in PA…

Not that I’m judg…yeah, I am…

not everyone is as lazy as you tuttle.

when i screwed up my knee… it was a lot of beer and a lot of videogames. Same thing when i screwed up my ankles, although those were pretty minor.

stay off it, keep it wrapped. soak in epson salt blah blah blah.

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tell that to Toney Hawk lol

As much respect as I have for Tony as a person/innovator, he’s not what I would call a skater in my definition of the word. He’s mainly a park skater. Modern skating is mainly street. I consider people like Nyjah Huston and Terry Kennedy to be real skaters in my definition of the sport.

I would like to know why @RTuTTle86 thinks guys dont skateboard…

i figured he wouldnt know anybody else other than Hawk.

I’m old now but i remember Kosten, Mullen, Rowley, Lasek and the man of patience, Mike Vallely. HA. I was always more into BMX but i remember those guys growing up.

Same reason golf isnt a sport :stuck_out_tongue:

@RTuTTle86 go and watch any part of the film Elenentality, Baker 3, or anything from PJ Ladd or Eric Koston. It will change your life

I see skating as more of a sport than golf lol. I still to this day think Koston had some of the most amazing stair parts of all time

Ok @RTuTTle86 lol

Would like to see you try to tre flip lol

your tinder stories say different.


Dude alot of chicks like skaters… Just saying… Lol

chicks like gossip and smart cars too, doesnt make it right.


Reason and GRG don’t go well together.

And I second the suggestion on lots of Alcohol. As the great Philospher Homer Simpson once said, “Alcohol, the cause and solution to all of life’s problems!”

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Thats right Tuttle you tell 'em. Real men watch Golf which is a sport( I’m trying to type this without laughing hysterically)…and sing Taylor Swift? On second thought, You maybe shouldn’t cast stones there big guy. Many of us know of your Swift obsession and have heard your singing skills in party chat :smile: Still love you though :wink:


Everyone leave Cowboy alone. All the 12 yo kids at the skate parks will tell you he’s the coolest. Apparently your about as good at skating as your are at COD :smile: JK: Drink tons and feel better