What was your holiday Loot?

I bought the wife and I each an IPad mini 2
I got a new computer/gaming chair
A 1TB HDD for my PS4
Adobe Primere and Photoshop elements 14
My wife had my YouTube channel banner blown up into a canvas print to hang in my gaming area

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I got a…

Surface Pro 4 with fingerprint keyboard and a bunch of Wilson Homes winter gear from work
Maxpedition Kodiak Sling Bag for EDC from my brother and sister in law
GoPro Session and a $500 check from my parents(Ark server here we come lol)
Xbox One Elite controller with Halo 5 and a camping hammock from myself

@Klown4Life Wow Adobe shit is expensive. I have been thinking about doing the $9.99/month for lightroom and photoshop. I would love to have Primere.

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My parents got the boys and me new paintball masks. Much needed since we ran into fog issues the last time we played.

Santa got us new Dangerous Power G5 paintball guns and new electric hoppers. Santa also hooked me up with a Sennhieser Game Zero headset. Not too shabby.

Got the wife the Apple Watch this year.


It elements so its the core functions of premiere and Photoshop. Kind of how you can have Sony movie studio or the full Sony Vegas. It was a double pack on amazon for $99

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Bought the youngest a PS Vita. Only problem is I thought the wife was getting him some games. Nope. He also needs a memory card so he can’t even download anything for it. He is so pissed but won’t admit it. Lol bought the oldest a range finder for golf. So both of those presents I will get to play with. Bought the wife a big screen for the living room finally. Last room in the house without a flat screen. She is the only one in the family that really watches tv in there so I was in no hurry. Wife and kids got me a Yeti Hopper ( soft side) cooler.


bumped for pretty pictures in my post. The kids and I all got the same mask but different colors. My oldest picked out a really cool looking one. I chose to try to keep mine somewhat camouflaged. No need to make this fatboy any more of a target.

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No physical merchandise but I have more money stashed away for:

The GF bought me a Samsung Tablet. been setting it up all morning…
Best friend got me a Blue PS Vita, @h2daddy same problem, no memory card, but i have a bunch fo games from PS+ im ready to play.
Bro got me an Awesome Dolphins Hat, wrong size tho so we need to exchange it.
Father said my gift is being delivered saturday… not sure what it is.

Gonna buy myself an SSD for my PC, mem card for vita, and case for the tab with some money/GCs

Mostly clothes workout stuff and got a drone with a hd camera that’s pretty sweet.

Anyone that got a drone make sure you register with the FFA or you can get a hefty fine. I think the weight limit is .5 lbs.

The wife was able to find a Xbox Elite controller, I’m pretty psyched to try it, but of course I’m at her folks house for the weekend. It came with a free copy of Halo 5 which I already have, I have to decide if I should sell it back to Amazon for $20 or give it away.

My wife’s present to me was fallout 4, which was an early and well used gift so far. Parents gave me a Samsung tablet, hadn’t had much time to mess with it so far. Nothing super special, but all things I wanted.

Sitting at my brother in laws now, about to eat some delicious grub. Back to work tomorrow, I’ve had all week off. Pretty good Christmas all in all. Hope everyone has a blessed and safe weekend.

Got a few games- forza 6, nba live16, need for speed, and wife ordered and payed for the division.

I also got an Apple Watch, charging stand, and a bunch of gift cards.

Also got a full paid trip to spring training this upcoming March in Florida. 3 or 4 games that week


It was a weird Christmas for my side of the family. It spent my Xmas gifts during the fall and purchased every video game I wanted to play, and still haven’t played them all. I got some small stuff and some cash.
I bought the wife a nice bicycle, forget the brand but costly, so she could put the kids in a trailer and ride in the park this summer.
We spent most of our money on the kids this year. My brother came from Arizona with his 3 boys and we had the 7 grandsons at my parents. It was crazy and fun, the oldest is 8.
My brother decided to buy his kids an xbox one to play the kinect sports games, but his kids also like star wars and Legos so I bought them battlefront and minecraft. :relaxed:
We will see, I also got them a cool gamertag when I set up there xbox, Jedi Farmer.
Anywho, my kids got lots of good stuff, can’t wait to start putting all the Legos together with my oldest tomorrow.
We had a rough part too, my other brother had his 6 month old cone down with rsv, and it got bad. They spent all day Xmas eve and today in the hospital with him on oxygen. We couldn’t visit them because it’s very contagious and we had babies in the house. He will be okay but it sucked. They had to leave there older son with us and his parents didn’t get to see him open Xmas gifts with all his cousins.
But he didn’t seem to mind too much, he had plenty of fun.
I work out of town during the week and i don’t get to spend as much time with the family as I would like. It has really hit me how much that sucks this time of year.

Sorry for the long explanation, but my holiday loot was different this year.
The best thing I got this year is the 10 days off work that i saved for. I get to hang out with the wife and kids. We will spend the entire day tomorrow playing with their toys, building legos, and just being home together. I know it’s sappy but their you go. Hope everyone had a merry Christmas!


What team? Couldn’t training in my town

Bought our son some new equipment for his drums - new hi hat stand, new heads for bass and snare, and other misc. stuff. He also got a Beats Pill that he was looking for.

Daughter made out with a Go Pro, few mounts, case, SD cards, etc.

Both kids also got cash to help them enjoy trips to NYC for Carnegie Hall performance in Feb (son), Italy in March (both), Orlando in April (daughter), and then…

…for wife and myself, no gifts. Well, nothing to unwrap. But will be booking an 8 day eastern Caribbean cruise for July in the next week or two. :slight_smile:

Make sure you get your son on ps+ freedom wars is a ASAP game that’s free this month. I just started going through my catalog and I have about 20 games for free.

Thanks for the heads up. I just told him about it. I told him I would look at signing him up tomorrow. Need to make sure he will get his money’s worth for free games. How many do they normally give away each month?

PS+ is 2 games a month for each platform.

2 PS4
2 Vita
2 PS3

you dont have to own the system to “claim” them. just log onto their website and click on buy (price is free). thats how i got the games i do. i own a buncha of PS3 games too, but i dont have a ps3. Some games are also cross platform, so if its free for PS3 or PS4, and its cross platform, than the download will also be availble for the Vita.
like xbox live, its $50 a year, or theres monthly rates.