What would it take to make Destiny 2 a game you would go back to?


Nice article. Kinda exactly what is lacking. Id just say a tad bit more depth and it should have lots of attention. As for myself I havent quite given up entirely, just waiting on next expansion and sandbox changes to finalize my opinion on what destiny 2 is and what it may become. D1 had the same issue and was addressed properly. Hopefully they go back to how they fixed D1 and do the same with D2.

@DestinyPlayers I’m still playing some and like groupin up in destiny alot but it kinda feel like I need a reason to play. Here’s another one that has some good ideas.

I think more different weapons might do it…dunno.

Honestly, the biggest draws for me back in D1 were getting the “God Roll” weapons and doing bounties in hopes of either leveling up vanguard/crucible/faction up or getting cool weapons/armor with perks I wanted.

Also, my biggest gripe is 2 fold. First Strikes don’t have anything worth grinding them any amount of time beyond completing the milestone for the week.

Other Gripe is that most weapons don’t seem really useful outside certain weapons. Back in D1, I could use pretty much any type of weapon and it’d be useful in some form.

Though I think Bounties and maybe even random rolled weapons would start bringing people back.

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Fixing the raid to drop gear, not stupid coins. Also turn down the mechanics of the raid. More sitting, less timing of crap. VoG best raid ever.