What's the current Warzone Meta?

Anyone know what the current meta is for Warzone? I understand that Cold War gun stats in MP vs Warzone are very different. They also added a “Monolithic Suppressor” for Cold War Guns. It’s the Agency Suppressor for Tactical rifles, GRU for LMGs (or at least the RPD), I’m not too sure on the other guns.

Currently I maxed out the DMR-14 as I heard it’s nasty in Warzone. I set up a class and it is just disgusting. I’m sure the Type 63 is the same. @mnvikesfan will love it as they’re a better FAL. Very hard hitting and takes AR ammo.

This isn’t my pic but the loadout I’m using for it. It’s so accurate and just hits like a truck.

So, what are you fuckers using? @codplayers @XBoxGamers @PlayStationPlayers @PCGamers

This is the one I’ve seen…

Actually, that might be the what I’m using. I know I’m using the field agent foregrip. Pretty sure I’m using the Airborne elastic wrap.

Throwing knives and golden guns



Fucking hell, if they allow Hunters in…

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The DMR is really nice in Warzone but you need to be set up to hit from distance. So I need a SMG loadout to get for the close quarter fights.

Everyone says the MAC-10 is the OP SMG but I’m just not a fan. I’m trying to level it up but not enjoying it. I’m not sure if it has different stats in Warzone or if I don’t have the proper attachments unlocked yet. it just kicks straight up, super fast. I feel it’s really good at 10 feet or closer but once you have some bit of distance it’s just not working for me. Maybe it’s an attachment thing.

Also was looking at the AK-74u and maybe that would be a decent SMG??? Not sure.

I wonder how the KSP SMG would work in Warzone? A burst SMG… Maybe.

Best AK-74u loadout in Warzone

This AK-74u’s main strengths are its accuracy, rate of fire and range. This loadout will focus on further improving these characteristics, while increasing ADS speed, movement and recoil control.

Equip the weapon with the following attachments:

Muzzle - Spetsnaz Compensator

We’ll add the Spetsnaz Compensator to increase vertical recoil control. Alternatively, you can always go for the GRU Suppressor or remove the muzzle entirely. This is because these suppressors don’t offer the bullet velocity boost that you’d get from Modern Warfare’s Monolithic Suppressor.

Barrel - 9.3” Extended

Stock - Tactical Stock

Handle - Quickdraw Handle

You’ll be running and gunning a lot when playing with an SMG, so you need to be fast to react. The Tactical Stock and Quickdraw handle will give you a boost to your movement speed while aiming and make improve your ADS speed.

Alternatively, you could make the Spetsnaz Field Grip your Handle to improve your ADS and flinch resistance at the cost of the sprint to fire time. This way, you can immediately take out any foe who jumps out of the corner.

Ammunition - 40 Rnd Drum

We’ll cap this loadout off with the ammunition. The AK-74u’s high fire rate makes it absolutely lethal, so the 40 Rnd Drum ammo will go along nicely with that.

##The Best Mac-10 Loadout in Warzone

Ammunition – 43 Rnd Drum

Given that the Mac-10 is an SMG and perhaps lacks a tiny bit of the power that an Assault Rifle would offer, you might need a tiny bit more out of it.

A bigger Mac-10 allows for a longer burst of fire if needed, and given that the Warzone can have a few players converge on the same spot, the drum will justify itself in these situations.

Barrel – 6.1″ Reinforced Heavy

There are a few here that you can go for, but this one is the best option in our eyes. At the minor cost of some mobility, you can greatly increase the weapon’s range and damage. This makes it effective at both close-range and at a distance.

Laser – Steady Aim Laser

A standard attachment to include here as the Mac-10 is the kind of weapon that flourishes in those heat-of-the-moment scraps. Steady Aim Laser increases the weapon’s accuracy when hip-firing, and that is a vital advantage in close-quarters firefights.

Muzzle – Muzzle Brake 9

Increased accuracy and control at the expense of nothing. All you’re doing is making your Mac-10 a laser beam that will not leave its target, pounding it with bullets until it falls.

The weapon’s fire rate is insanely high, so by controlling this, it becomes unmatched in a straight 1v1.

Underbarrel – Field Agent Foregrip

The Field Agent Foregrip offers the best of both worlds with a strong reduction in both Vertical and Horizontal recoil. SMGs are always a bit more erratic with their lighter weight and a higher fire rate, so this underbarrel is an absolute necessity to control its bite.

Another variation is NickMercs Mac-10

Muzzle - Muzzle Break 9

Additional vertical recoil control for up close engagements.

Barrel - 5.3″ Extended

Added bullet velocity for additional range.

Stock - Wire Stock

Decreased sprint to fire time so you’re ready for any gunfight in an instant. Especially helpful when fighting other SMG players.

Underbarrel - Patrol Grip

Extra sprinting move speed. Juke out and strafe opponents.

Ammunition - STANAG 53 Round Drum

53 round magazine so even if you miss a few shots, you’ll have plenty more. Turns the Mac 10 into a bullet hose

Is that a current post? Because I thought they added in the “monolithic suppressor” for all guns.

oops…forgot to update that.

Just swap out the Muzzle for the Monolithic equivelent.

After the DMR nerf ( :sob:), maybe the FFAR paired with the KAR. JackFrags loves it. He also raves about the KAR (you all should, seriously it’s that fucking good).

Be careful on weapon attachments. CW weapon attachments don’t do what they say they do. Ones you think would help actually hurt the gun. The game is so poorly done.

Here’s just barrels. They don’t line up at all.

Looks like the Amax is the top AR in Warzone right now. Which sucks as it’s not a gun I’m comfortable with. I’m currently using the Krig which is ranked as meh. It’s ok. It seems like CW Assault Rifles aren’t on the same level as MW guns.


I’ve been using the AMAX, then went to the M16 again, but was using old faithful - M13 for the win last night.

I tried the M16, it’s better than MW’s burst guns but still not 100% at range. I’m still using the Krig, it’s ok and I know I’m probably getting outgunned but I like the 2x sight. Always hated the MW VLK scope but used it for the hidden recoil benefit.

Was using the bruin and having a blast with it Then went back to M13 as well most of night Still loving the Kar as usual just so fun to use