What's up? Newbie here

What’s going on everyone? Just making an introduction. I’m 28, have 2 kids (almost 3!) and enjoy shooting the shit out of people. I play on the xbox one (GlavinChris is my GT) and primarily play shooters… COD, BF, Evolve, etc.

Anyway, looking for others to play with and a forum to hang out during the day while I’m working.


Welcome!! are you interested in BF:Hardline?? it seems pretty split among the whole site. personally im going to get it.

Yea man - pretty excited to get it. I’m not a huge BF fan, more of a COD guy. But the small maps in the beta made me interested.

Welcome aboard.


Welcome to GRG! FR Sent.

Awesome - thanks!

Welcome to the clan! Added you to my Friends list.

Welcome… Please remember to send your dues to me…that’s 1000 dollars a month (tax deductable) to myself for a privilege to be here. This allows you the opportunity to read and listen to how great some of the grg team members are or were once long ago and how much others just suck. And each week we will provide a personalized autographed picture of a grim reaper gamer in a speedo for your own personal enjoyment.

If you are unable to afford the $1000.00 a month… As is the case for most, then we will not be able to provide you the above mentioned photos.

This message was brought to you by bored out of my mind at work Air Force BS.

Welcome aboard.


best intro reply ever.


Except Jackal will still send pics of him in a speedo.

In that case I’m definitely not going to be giving up the $1,000.

But you also get pictures of Evolve’s ingrown toenail. It is worth $200 on it’s own. Not to mention Landdon and Dank’s waterfall pics. At least $300 each. If there is a picture of Gunny’s sister in there, then it is the deal of a lifetime.

FYI: waterfall = penis

Thanks! Added back!

welcome to the clan !