What's your score per minute?

Unlike most shooters the most important stat in battlefield is score per minute. I was curious on how we all stack up and who is actually playing the objective.

Mine is currently 702


Yeah not so good.

Objectives, what objectives???


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Meh, not as good as I’d like it to be.

I don’t think SPM is that indicative as to whether someone is playing the objective or not. I get most of my points from flags and mine is low…hell it take 1 minute to get to and capture a flag. I’ve capped over 100 flags and defended a bunch of them, but my SPM is way low.

Score per minute represents playing the objective as well as helping your squad out, kills, heals, resupplies. It’s all going to helping you win. Which is the objective.

My score per minute is what it is because I give my squad orders and they do them which is playing the objective.

In other words you aren’t going to get to 600 or 700 without playing the objective.

Didn’t read the fine print, eh?

Canadians only get 1/2 points for capping/defending flags.



I can’t wait for COD - just to get away from you guys. Nobody will be there to harass me.


I’m such a team player. It’d probably be higher but I’m fucking around with the scout class too much lately.

I’m a dope, that’s total BF score. Here’s my BF1 score.


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The game’s been out a while. How’s your score now? Here’s mine. Playing with randoms more often than not.

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I wonder what mine look like compared to when I first posted. I’ll have to take a looksy later.


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If you’re a stat-whore check out Battlefield Tracker Network. Lots of stuff in here. You can compare with others as well as find groups to play with.


Mine is 599/min. I am not smart enough to put a screen shot on here so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I checked out the battlefield tracker because I am interested in abstract stats. Even though most if not all of my stats put me squarely in the top 70% or worse. There was one stat that I placed in the top 6% and that is kills with stationary weapons. So I got that going for me. It feels good to know that all the time firing random shots across the map with field guns is paying off!

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LOL, I was checking weapon stats. I’m in the top 2% for the Lightweight Lewis Gun.

For future reference…on PC…just hit ‘Print screen’ on your keyboard…open ‘Paint’ and select paste in the upper left corner.

Mine in BF1 isn’t so bad.

Compared to SPM and basically everything else in BF4, I shine in 1 haha.

I know this thread is a bit old. I was already reading it so figured I’d post too.

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