When Do You Consider A Game Finished?

I came across this on Gameinformer. Thought it would be a good topic to discuss.

So, when do you consider a game finished? Is it when the credits roll the first time? Or when you’ve achieved 100% completion? Or is it just when you start getting bored?

My thoughts:

For me it is when the credits roll. If I have completed the story then I normally have no problems walking away. Will I still play it to complete other things? Sure, but I could easily move on to something else at that point and never look back. It really depends on if the game is actually good or I had to force myself to finish it.

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yeah same with me. if i am done with the story i am done with the game in most cases. only the greats had me achievement hunt.

PVP games is a different story. then its usually based on what the clan is doing.

Seeing as how I’ve never 100% completed a game, for me it’s when I get bored with it.

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Rocket league may be the first one I will “finish” as far as achievements go. I think I’m only missing one. Most of the time when the game’s story is finished and I’ve collected most of the crap. Or until I get bored, which ever comes first.

RL will probably be my first and only platinum on PSN.

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It’s been a long time since I’ve played a single player game, but I’m with @D1G1TALC1PHERS, once I see the credits I’m done. I don’t care about game achievements or anything else. End of the story is the end of the story.

I lasted a little longer in Destiny as there is more stuff to do after the story is over. Raids, strikes and PvP add a lot more into the game. I’m not into repeating PvE events to gear up. So I finished Desinty when I finally got there. The VoG raid was so good but Crota’s was meh at best. I did really enjoy PvP in Destiny. The Iron Banner was my favorite part of the game. Getting 6 clan mates out and into MP is a good time. Unfortunately, people are more PvE focused in Destiny. I may go back but probably only for PvP.

I wrapped up CoD at around Blops 1 and 2. I still get CoD just to play with the clan but the last few titles just did nothing for me. Way too fast and twichy. Been there, done that. I’m on the fence about BLoPs3.

MMOs are tougher and I usually stop playing once everyone I know is done. And I can usually last longer because I really enjoy the PvP side. I wrapped up WoW when SWToR came out. SWToR’s PvP was a blast for me but I stopped playing once everyone left for Diablo 3. I played Guild Wars 2 for over 2 years. I only did PvE on one character. The rest were crafted to max level. I only played PvP. I just recently stopped playing and that’s due to WvW matches being locked and stagnent. No one even plays WvW properly anymore. It just lost it’s fun.

@anon42851937 considers it finished after he plays it once.

I thought @anon42851937 considered a game finished when he unwrapped it.


Depends on the game. I’ve gone ahead and gotten the 100% on many-a-sandbox game over the iterations, but then there are plenty of other games that I’m “done” when I get bored with them. Also a good deal in between with one or two stupid achievements that I can’t be bothered with.

Total non-committal answer. Suck it.

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i consider a game finished when i beat the story and play the MP if its a major focus. Saying that, i don’t finish a lot of games. I never played the SP of the last 3 battleifeld games. Didnt play AW campaign either. Last game i did finish was Tomb Raider.

Everytime i get on, i see other people playing, so i want to play with them. Rarely is there a time that nobody else is online, and thats when i play SP games.

I can usually finish the story and walk away. After that I usually jump between whatever any friends are playing. I’m not much of an achievement hunter, but I try a lot of different games just out of curiosity. The SP has to hold my interest though, I won’t make myself finish just for the sake of finishing.

What’s a custom game?

I agree with @D1G1TALC1PHERS