Where Digital's Time goes (Fallout 4)

This is why @D1G1TALC1PHERS has a million hours in Fallout 4. He’s been busy building his new house.


That’s awesome. See y’all in a few months, I’ve got work to do!

I just came to the forums to post this.

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I just came because of the forums


I just came.

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I’m assuming he’s playing on a PC and using mods?

I play the hell out of this game on Xbox (around 200 hours) and cant imagine the materials it would take to make something like this.

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I would say yes he is on PC. He probably used the no clipping console command so he could fly. That would make it faster and keep him from having to build a scaffolding type system. He also could have used the console commands to give himself the materials needed. You can also use the no clipping command on items to line them up better than the game will allow it.

PC console commands have many things that let you cheat the game.

Not sure exactly what you mean by this.

No Clipping -

In some video games, noclip mode is a video game cheat command that prevents the first-person player character camera from being obstructed by other objects and permits the camera to move in any direction, allowing it to pass through such things as walls, props, and other players.

Noclipping can be used to cheat, avoid bugs (and help developers debug), find easter eggs, and view areas beyond a map’s physical boundary.

When building in FO4 especially with junk fences it isn’t easy to line the up the way you want them. On PC you can open the console by pressing ~ and then type in the command for no clipping. It will turn collision off so you can over lap the fence,wall, etc so they line up with no gaps.

This isn’t something you can do on X1 or PS4.

I see. That does drive me crazy.

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