Which one? Console Comparisons

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When I do purchase, it will be PS5 Digital.

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PS5 physical will be my poison of choice this go-around I think…

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I will be preordering XSX but if i get a second console it will be the disc-less ps4…and since i will only pay for destiny on 2 platforms it will be pc and xbox

PS5 all digital for the win!

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I will probably pick up the PS5 physical first as I usually pick up a few limited/special editions along the way otherwise I’d go the Digital route hands down. Likely will get the Series S a little down the road as well.

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For me the biggest difference is controllers. I just prefer the XBox controller.

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But you haven’t tried the Dual Sense? You might love it even more…
That said the Elite 2 is pretty godly.

and im the opposite. Ive preferred the PS controller and over the years of not playing on XBOX its just more natural to me. I even bought the Astro controller and swapped the left stick and d-pad and its still foreign to me but im still trying to get used to it.

Apparently if you want to add storage to play capacity to the XSX or XSS you have to buy the 1 TB SSD from Microsoft for $220.00. You can use the USB drive for storage and to move games back and forth but you can’t play off of it, even if it is a SSD. Currently they are only offering the 1 TB drive. I have 3 TB’s used on mine now and the XSX games are supposed to be larger due to the resolution. Maybe after it releases someone will come out with an aftermarket version cheaper with more storage.

I think that 1 TB SSD drive is the official storage but you can use any as it has USB ports on the back. The nice thing about the SSD will be the speed it loads games.

3x USB-A ports : Two in the back, one in the front. These are for USB accessories primarily, including headsets, controller recharge docks and cables, USB storage expansion drives, keyboards and mice, and so on.

I may be wrong about that. Optimized games won’t work on USB 3.1 HDD.

that’s correct. To be clear, you can use usb storage to play xbox one, xbox 360, and OG xbox games directly off of. You just can’t use USB expanded storage to play Series X | S games directly off of. if you don’t go the route of the 1 TB seagate expansion and you have some series x games installed on a usb drive, you’ll have to move the installation to the console to play it.

It’s honestly still consumer friendly, and levels the playing field in terms of ensuring consistent performance especially in AAA multiplayer suites like COD