Who are the late night gamers?

As my schedule hopefully will get more consistent, I need to update my friends list with all the folks I may have missed lately.
I pretty much game most nights, after 8:30 pm Central until around midnight. I know thats not GRG official time zone, but who is playing at that time. I’m on PC most nights, ARK, but I play xbox as well. Xbox has been Call of Duty, Battlefield 1 & 4, maybe some others coming up.
I’m also on PUBG on pc and Far Cry 5. Just throwing this out on the forums.

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I am mostly on around 11cst on xbox or ps4

I am on weekends most of the day and into late nights on Friday and Saturday. Xbox gt: YggBjorn


Mostly after 12 pm central time . Can play every Tuesday and weekends anytime.

Hawk, you running that plant yet. You need to tell them your work schedule is interfering with important personal business.

Destiny 2 from 9:15-1230 am EDT most nights

Jebus effing chris… can we take up a collection and buy @valiantvictory a new game? or maybe a life?

Scratch that… there’s probably not enough currency in creation… on all worlds. everywhere. ever.

Oh… on topic…
I’m on during those hours.
I’m CST (Correct Service Time), also.
And I play more than one game too…

Also… you are an evil person for convincing me to buy ARK for PC.
But thanks for all your help getting it set up!

They have another DLC and 3 more mini updates coming through an annual pass.
So I don’t see Valiant dropping D2 anytime soon.

He’s also driving regular GRG D2 activity, so I’m grateful for it.

I am curious as to what he’ll play next.

Well I’m on BST (Best Service Time).

Beastmode @unobtainaballs

Yea, he’s definitely the cornerstone of the D2 Xbox Community.
But he knows I’ve gotta give him shit… and he knows why… he deserves it.

I am CST…I am up usually till 10-1030pm during the week. Weekends I up usually beyond midnight.

I am. When I’m able, I get on after 10 and play til midnight or so. I’m PS4 and occasionally PC.