Who is getting Battlefield 5?

Battlefield 5 is right around the corner so I figured I’d throw up a post seeing who planned on getting it and for what platform.

I just got done watching JackFrags video on BF5 and the changes they made and I think I’m going to change my mind and actually pick this up. I’m itching for a new title to play and haven’t played a BF title in a long time. $60 with DLC included I figured I’d give it a try. Yes I know the DLC will take for-fucking-ever to come out like BF1. I’m just happy to see another AAA title dump the fucking paid map pack bullshit. Paid map packs splits up the game’s community and really just hurts the game’s longevity.

Anyway, I’m going to pick this up. Who’s with me? @battlefieldplayers

Battle what?

They’ve made five of them?

No, seriously my son is getting it, but not until Christmas, so by default by the time its working good I’ll have it.

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I loved BF 3 and 4, but One just didn’t interest me. I may rent V to check it out sometime.

Definitely will be picking this up. I’ll have it for both ps4 and PC.

First BF I will be passing on since 1942. I may get Origin Premier for a month to see what they are offering and run through the campaign (is there one?).

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I have it on preorder for PS4.
1 didn’t float my boat but I’m hoping V will.

On the downside you won’t get fucked over by purchasing the season pass and then wasting it.

On the upside we won’t have to hear you tell us how your purchased the season pass and then wasted it.


I’m in for BF5, for sure

Ill be picking it up for xbox, i just hope they dont f this one up

I will be getting it for the Xbox.

I will have it for PC

I think I get 10 hours with it starting today, thanks to EA Access. So, I will try it out for 10 hours.

You go girl!!!

Where have you been? Lost in the glory hole? Oh my!

Back working and I work weekends but been player eso during the week. Not real excited about anything out right now.

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Pre-ordered deluxe edition (XBOX) and have EA Access so I have 10 hours to use between now and 11/16. Feel free to add me or drop a Gamertag.


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Make sure to hook up with @ixL0N3W0LFxi and @Meatyshark1 as they’re playing all the time.

I pre-ordered as well and it’s already downloading.

I’m sure my compulsive video game buying habit will kick in and i’ll pick it up especially if any other @PlayStationPlayers are getting it. I’ve always preferred COD but I’ve had some fun with some of the BF titles.


I want to get it but funds may say otherwise… for now

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