Who is getting the Taken King?

I’m trying to gauge the clan’s interest in this game. Who’s picking up the Expansion Pack?

I am getting it for the X1.

Me too.

I’ll be getting it as well. It’s going to be hard to stay dedicated with all the new games coming. I figure I’ll just focus on my Hunter and get him geared out.

I picked it up. I am liking all the changes they are doing and figured I would give destiny a try again.

Still unsure.
Mostly price reasons.
However DLC is less likely to drop in price.

Yes, pre-ordered already

When the price drops … Maybe/maybe not . If it was free because I bought the season pass when the game first released , then I would for sure but not for the shitty DLC that came out in the first year .

I’m still on the fence but will probably get it.

got it

Don’t wanna sound like a fanboy but, it’s not a typical DLC. It’s an expansion. I’m thinking like when WoW does an expansion. its not just a DLC its more like Destiny 2.0. That’s why the price is higher. When was the last time you downloaded 16gigs for a DLC?

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Well that download included the changes for 2.0.0 aswell, which everyone gets regardless of whether you have any / all DLC.

Admittedly it also contains the new content for TTK and I don’t know the split. Can’t remember sizes of TDB and HoW…

I am tempted. but i feel that if i don’t focus on this its just going to be more of the same and feeling like i need to play catch up to everyone else. Plus with NOV right around the corner, i feel it might be a waste.

But who knows, BF and RB6 can both be duds. COD will always draw the crowds whether that is a good or bad thing.

its all for naught as Fallout will go GOY and will consume me. :grin:

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Yeah I’ll be picking it as soon as I can…a lot of real life stuff getting in the way.

yeah that is what has me tempted.

Who doesn’t.

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@anon79701208 If you see a bunch of us in a party, feel free to join. Most of us won’t spam invites, although we probably should. With TTK coming out, there’s a lot more Destiny activity on the PSN side. If you see us in game, feel free to party up and join our fireteam. We have people running RAIDs, PoE, and Crucible some nights.

Bad staff member, bad. to the well with you.

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Yeah, no shit. We should all spam out invites. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t.

I normally look for a party that has a clan based name.