Who is playing Hawken on Xbox One ??

Hawken came out as a free-to-play game last week . kind of like Titanfall but different and I mean different in a good way . Game plays very well and I just say it … it is fun as hell to play ( even Gunny might like it ) . Anyone one have an opinion about the game ?

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@Gunny doesn’t game anymore.

We played a bit last night. It’s a fun shooter at a great price. I just wish it would let you bring a full team into matches.

Wish they had a tutorial…

@Azalin4savioR I understood the game type.

I downloaded it and will play but not going to play the party game long if it is bad.

Wow. Lala said something positive about a mech game…will wonders never cease

The game is fun. Mechs are still stupid.