Who is playing Thursday night?

I will be on playing multiplayer, Looking to see who will be on so we can hopefully set up some parties and rank up a bit on night one.


Won’t be on myself till Friday, however, should be on and off throughout the afternoon and evening.


I’m still on the fence about this title unfortunately

I may be late to the party. Union vs Atlanta for the second round of the playoffs! Union won their first ever playoff game last Sunday and it was a fucking blast!

It was raining so bad all day long. Game was worth it though.


I will be on for some MW Ragefest.

I’m planning on playing a good part of the day Friday. Feel free to add me for those who have not yet. DieHardCubFN.

What platform?

Sorry, XBOX :slight_smile: I have you on my list already Lala. Feel free to invite me.

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Sounds good but I won’t be on Thursday.

Also, feel free to just hop into any GRG party and we will get you in the next game.

Also, get @beers_and_leafs, @mnvikesfan, and any of the @codplayers on your friends list and hop into their parties.

I will be on…are you ladies ready for an @$$ kicking!!!

I picked it up just to be able to play with you bastards. I’ll be on tonight

I am in tonight. It has been a while since I played this game so I am probably much better at it now.

I won’t be on. Down in Hershey Pa with and in-laws. Like all my past pa trips it’s one constant wth is with this place moments. Lol. Next week I’ll be on provided I don’t snap down here and get locked up or put down.

That’s as far as you’re allowed into PA. Stay up in Pennsyltucky and out of the Philly area. If I see you come around I’ll toss some batteries at you. And not the pussy AAs, we’re talking D Cell.