Who is playing tonight, what console and what time?

XB1 - Sniper T1 - 7 until 11ish eastern time. I am ready for HOW story/PVE/PVP.

I bought the witcher, but i dont mind jumping into some PVP… or the horde thingy.

Me and djmeha will be doing some DLC on the Xbone tonight.

I will be on all evening as well.

Still need to finish the story on 2 characters.

Wouldn’t mind giving Prison of Elders a try.

Xbox 1 - Just returned to Destiny after a long break for COD and moving, will be on most of the day and most of the night except for minor breaks to eat and get yelled at by my wife.

I need to do anything it takes more than just me to do, Haven’t even done VoG yet.

GT - MadMax2045

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Me. HoW story (haven’t played any of it yet). GT: Mac79PR on XB1.

AbstractBboy on XB1. Will be on tonight about 9pm CST till me eyes fall out. 32’s across the board. Need keys to farm for lv. 32 and up PoE. Did the lv. 28 to get a grasp of things somewhat…also on HoW story mode.

MadMax and Abstract you are added to my friends list.

I’m currently Level 30 Hunter since I have never had anyone to do the raids with, but with a couple of Estheric Light and some ascendant energy I should be Lvl 32 instantly, all the upgrades are filled except for those damn materials