Who wants 2XP Codes? (Black Ops 3 - Zombies) - They Gone!!

Hey Guys - anyone out there still playing BO3?

I have a ton of Double XP codes. Does anyone want them in like 15 code chunks?

They will need to be entered by 12/31/2015, but i believe they can be used after the promotion ends.

Let me know.

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You got it Gunny!
I will DM them to you.

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PM Sent with codes!

I have 15 codes left - first come, first served…

Yes, please!!! :grin:

@Cronus they are the Mtn Dew and Doritos codes so they are platform agnostic.
I will PM them to you now.

All my codes are gone.
Thanks guys - glad they went to people who will use them!!!

Sorry @GrayBush I went based on the time stamp on the reply.

Hope the rest of you guys enjoy them!!