Who wants Phat Lootz?

I’m level 11 and want to tackle a Dungeon tonight. Who’s up for all da Phat Lootz?

Pick me pick me!!!

I am in.

Should be on and game for it.

I’ll be on tonight.

I’ll be on to run one.

Pencil me in

Healbilly is up for the adventure. Level 13


What Lvl do I need to be? Im a squishy Lvl 6 , who is sneaky with a Bow.

For public dungeons, it depends on the quests in the dungeon. I’ve seen anywhere from level 7 to 13 in Auridon’s public dungeons.

My game is almost ready…I’ll be on most of today when I can

I think level 6 would be ok, within a group. Piggyback?

Ran one early tonight with Digital, Wikid, and Sjam. I did a poor job of keeping them alive but we made it. Not bad for our first time. Now that we know what we are doing, it shouldn’t be so bad to run it again.

Oh yeah, make sure the lowest level person starts the group. Dungeon levels to them.

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Never could get into guild chat tonight, and when trying to get through a quest, all the NPC’s disappeared. They could hit me, but I couldn’t see them or hit them. Damn…two weeks in and still having issues like this, on a game that’s been on PC for a year. Ugh.

A patch on Tuesday should resolve that.

I got hit with the invisible NPCs (and, even worst invisible enemies in PvP) several times last night. Definitely annoying but will look for a fast patch to fix I’m sure…,

If you get the invisible NPC or enemies, logout and restart the game. Actually quit the game from the Xbox menu and go back in.

That is what worked for me. PiTa

I was getting the same. Even after restarting with a hard reboot. Maybe today will yield better results