Who Would Make An Xbox Super Smash Bros. Roster?

Arguably the last major video game release of 2018 is out today. Nintendo’s launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will no doubt be a bestseller and is probably the only game that can thrive in the post-Red Dead launch window as we close out the calendar year. Boasting a roster of literally everyone who’s ever been in the series, Ultimate lives up to its name by giving players their dream scenario with a roster that can hardly be improved — okay fine, it still lacks Goku.

Anyway, the launch of Smash Bros. got us thinking about what an Xbox mash-up platform fighter like this would look like. PlayStation once tried their hand with PlayStation All-Stars and the results were pretty underwhelming according to critics and fans, but the exercise of filling out the roster is fun even if such a game ever came out and once again lacked the elusive magic of Smash . With that said, here are several characters we think would fit in well on Xbox’s Smash Bros. . Some will be obvious while others we hope are interesting but justified surprises. There’s plenty of room for more too, so let us know who you would add!

Master Chief

The most obvious on this list, Master Chief would surely be front and center on the cover art too. He’s the face of Xbox… even if we’ve never actually seen his face.

Marcus Fenix

Let’s get these two out of the way, yeah? Of course Marcus would be present too, as the sort of 1B to Chief’s 1A role as the most recognizable Xbox protagonist.

Sam Fisher

Splinter Cell has always been multiplatform, but it felt like an Xbox game during the original Xbox’s lifespan. A nod to that partnership as well as a tease for a true sequel would make for a great roster addition.

Ryu Hayabusa

Like Sam above, Ryu is a protagonist that has been seen elsewhere, but most recently he feels like an Xbox guy first and foremost. Also like Sam, his series is long dormant so fans will take what they can get.


Halo4 cortana a

Later on, we’ll touch on other secondary characters from some already mentioned series in this list, but Cortana gets her own spot as she is basically Chief’s personality throughout the series, and she becomes a massive fan favorite in her own right.


This one would, realistically, get stuck in licensing hell as Disney probably won’t fork over the star of KOTOR, but this entire exercise is a fantasy anyway, so just go with it.

Alan Wake

Getting beat in Smash Bros. is sometimes hard to swallow, but to lose to a guy in a tweed jacket would be ultra humiliating.


As Sunset Overdrive has no singular recognizable protagonist, the monsters from the game would make a fun addition to represent one of Xbox’s greatest console exclusives.

Captain Flameheart

Sea of Thieves lore nerds are well-versed in the history of this fateful plunderer, and he would bring the game’s gorgeous design into the mash-up.

Jack of Blades

There are many Fable characters that could fit the bill, but we decided it made the most sense to start with the original game’s villain. He’s the cover star for Fable Fortune too, so someone at Microsoft is still attached to the character.

Voodoo Vince

Quietly remastered recently, it’s apparent Microsoft haven’t forgotten about their platforming cursedoll. He’d make another great fit in the series-blending fighter.

Commander Shepard


We’d elect to use the default “FemShep” here, as she has the more interesting design. Either way, the series’ debut was a Microsoft published game and today EA and Microsoft are very close, so this makes a lot of sense.



It was tough picking just one Left 4 Dead character, but since Bill is busy in Dead By Daylight , we went with (maybe controversially) the next biggest star of the eight playable characters.

Captain Price

Call of Duty today is closer to PlayStation, but the Modern Warfare trilogy was an Xbox 360 staple, and no one is more iconic than Captain Price from that era of the best-selling series.


Another surefire fit is the titular hero from StudioMDHR’s brutal run and gun platformer. Heck, we could even see him coming to the real Smash Bros. someday.

Lara Croft

Representing another close partnership as well as signaling to gaming’s long history, the Tomb Raider herself is a perfect fit for this imaginary game.


Minecraft 's default hero Steve is rumored to be coming to Switch’s Smash Bros. anyway now that the game is on the platform and even includes achievements. But if he doesn’t show up there, he’s a given here.

PUBG Survivor

PUBG actually arrives on PlayStation today as we write this, but after a year of exclusivity, it feels like Xbox is the proper home of the game on consoles. Getting this guy and his welding mask in the game is a given.


The most Nintendo-like character on the list, Ori would no doubt make an appearance in any real-life project like this for the Xbox brand.

Who would you’re three additions be?

Mine would be Splosion Man/ms. Splosion Man, Joanna Dark and The XBox Avatar (personal one)

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Dante from devil may cry, Spyro, Lara Croft