Who's getting hit by the snow storm?

Amherst, NH (southern NH)

Still early and we have 12+" easily. Suppose to go all day and fizzle out tomorrow morning. No work for me. As long as we keep power I’ll probably play games and clear snow.

we only got a few inches. Was not supposed to get that much to begin with.

Syracuse, NY

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We were in the 18 - 30 range but the storm shifted some so only getting 8 - 15.

NE Philly Burbs

Forecast was for the 12-16" range…probably got 6" in total.

It never snows here SC but is 35 out, cold.

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I don’t even think we got six @BalekFekete . Work had me go on standby since I was on call. They thought all on-call IT people might have to work overnight. That got canceled and I got a free day off work. Can’t beat that.

cold front came through last night. high of 63 today. low 50s on my way to work… burrr :ghost:

Palm beach Florida


Think we got between 18-26 inches here in Rhode Island. It was -15 last night too

We got about 20". Some towns in and around the area got 28-34"!

I got about 26" at my house

On top of the “mountain” for our area anyway at work it looks like Hoth. The wind is whipping and blowing snow everywhere.

Glad everyone made it.