Why GRG?

This thread will be about when, why, and how you became GRG.

When: I became a GRG member September 9th 2015.

Why and How: I was actually apart of the 2old2play community for many many years. Since Forza 2 on the Xbox 360 to be exact. I was apart of the group 2old4Forza. After I sold my 360 with Forza, and picked up my PS4, I no longer really communicated with my old companions apart of 2old4forza. After about 6 months of playing by myself I went back on the 2old2play site, which turned out to be a royal clusterf**k to say the least. I was searching for the infamous 2old2shoot to continue playing with grown ass adults since I just picked up BF4. After searching through various threads on the site I found out that a majority of 2o2s had left the 2o2p community and made their own, Grim Reaper Gamers. A quick Bing search, an account creation, and a “FUCKING NEW GUY!” thread later, I’m home.

I can honestly say I feel right at home with you guys and I’ve made a number of friends in this group, even if I haven’t ever played a single game with them. You guys are the coolest group of old fucks I’ve ever met and I’m happy I searched you out. Thanks for the experience guys and I look forward to gaming with you guys for years to come. Thumbs up to GRG!


Awesome Cooter.

When: Halo 2 days

Why and How: Halo always had a pretty toxic community and really wanted to find some people like me that liked to play video games. Went searching for an older gamer community and came across 2old2play and their bazillion sub-clans. Lucky enough I found 2old2shoot. First lobby of Halo2 customs and I was like this is what I have been looking for.

After 2old2play started going downhill and we were not getting the support we wanted from there, we decided to go out on our own and formed GRG. I am glad that we did and happy most of the clan came with us. Always good times with you guys even though drama creeps in from time to time.

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When: Black Ops 1, 2010

why & how: Had been playing LFD2 w/randoms previously (great game); reading through XBL magazine, saw 2old2play article. Signed up, recruited by lala, joined 2old2shoot. I am the ultimate lackey, the “leaders” say we have new site, go there, I do, now we are GRG and getting bigger every day.


When: I don’t remember the first time but probably 2008ish.

Was a member of 2o2p starting in 2006 and was thrilled to find a website that had older people in it. I had gotten to the point in my life (at that time 34) where I questioned if I was too old to be playing games. Finding that site let me know that I wasn’t alone. I was a member of a few clans and happened to join in and see if 2o2shoot was right for me. The lunatics in there were right up my alley.

At some point when 2o2p started going downhill I kind of drifted away from that site and the clans I was in. I had been “gaming friends” with @anon42851937 for some time and he brought me over here at the beginning of 2015.

Lesson of all of this is blame Johnny for the hell of having to deal with me here.

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When: Sometime in 2010 - around the time Black Ops released.

Why and How: I had been a member of 2old2play since 2007 after finding out about them through a Community Playdate on the Xbox site, and had been in a handful of clans at that time revolving around the Clancy games (GRAW, R6Vegas) like Rebel Scum and Low Rollers. I took a break from gaming online when the internet around here was kind of flaky before our ISP improved their service, and when I came back those clans had pretty much dissolved. I was in the Battlefield forums trying to find people to run with, and there was this special little group of trolls/griefers causing problems. Jumping into games, doing stuff to ruin other player’s attempts at gaming, and the like. So, I started calling them out on their garbage to get the mods to do something about them. They tended to hide behind the “it’s just a joke” line when in reality they were a bunch of racist trolls.

A couple of mods at 2o2p started getting after the people complaining about them, and Lala jumped into the fray to try to get them removed from the site. After all that shit was over (and after nearly getting kicked out of 2o2p over it), Lala invited me to join in for a community night 2old2shoot was sponsoring for the site. I joined them for the community night, and joined the clan right after. I chose to follow the guys when 2o2s split and became GRG (after another battle with admins at 2o2p over the direction it was going), and this is pretty much the group I play with exclusively.

It’s a hell of a group of guys (and ladies) over here, and they were the only reason I didn’t quit 2o2p back in 2010.

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Joined 2old2play and then 2old2shoot after seeing them feature/sponsor something on Xbox live. Then migrated over to GRG from there. Still here because we are having so much fun!

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When: Destiny Alpha

Why and How: Saw a thread posted by JohnnyHustler about 25+ and drinking. SIGN ME UP… after getting on the site i realized that their werent many PS4 players, those that had a PS4 also had XB1 and played on that. It was very disheartening But the group banter on the forums was fun. I liked what was here, So the recruiting began. I started by posting on Bungie forums and asking my RL friends to join. Few of my friends joined but dissipated quickly when the alpha ended. Made another push when Destiny launched, and then had a nice solid base of people. After the COD AW launch, I had many new friends on both systems.

Love it here.


I came for all the love and adoration I would get for running a Game site…that and @Grex roofied me.

Started out at 2Old2play after I saw their site getting pimped in a game magazine. I hooked up with guys from 2o2s when they were playing Rainbow 6 Vegas. 2o2s sort of died at RB6 Vegas 2. I took over the clan around CoD MW1 and worked on recruiting and rebuilding. We were on of the larger and most active clans on 2old2play. I eventually became a Site Mode for 2o2p.

We decided to pull 2o2s off 2o2p after years of it languishing and really doing nothing to promote growth. I tried to work with the site owners to rebuild it but they weren’t interested. So rather than see 2o2s just wither away like 2o2p did, we started GRG.

I think it was more of an experiment to see if we could build out a proper site. We had a ton of ideas of what we wanted to do and I think we really nailed it. I’m very proud of the site and the community. I just expected it to stay at the 40 odd members of 2o2s (and that would of been a success). Now we have over 400 registered members.


When: Sometime in July of 2014

How and Why: I was searching through a bunch of different recruitment threads when I stumbled on the GRG post. I started out at Gunslinger Gaming but it was so hard to get anyone to join up and game with. Then I tried a smaller clan but it fell apart. so my long search for a casual gaming community brought me here. Since my first day here everyone has been awesome and my time gaming has been great. Thanks to all of you guys who welcomed me in. and to all the new guys and girls jump head first and enjoy this great community we have here. GRG!

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I think this is a great topic and one very important to grg staff. We want to hear from the members, why they joined and what they hope to get from this community.

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When: July 2015

I was cruising around the Elder Scrolls online forums and saw a GRG post. I had never really done the MMO thing and figured joining a group would be a better experience. I had looked up the website and watched the first several episodes of the Reapercast. Obviously, these guys weren’t taking themselves that seriously so I figured it would be a fun group. I primarily played shooters and that was great for GRG because ESO did not last for me.
I work out of town and away from the family during the week. Because of that, I don’t have shit else to do at night. I play a lot of xbox and have a fun group of people to play any of the games I like. I had done the informal COD clan before and it was rediculous, I am no MLG player and just want to have a good time. Everyone always made me feel welcome in games and on the forums. Even in chat, which can be a bit… Anyway, that’s mostly my story.


April 2015

I’ve played with a few friends for the past few years, but not very often. Really got tired of playing alone. Was browsing thru reddit and saw a Battlefield Hardline (2015 GOTY) post for GRG. “drink beer, shoot faces, have fun.” sign me up! It didn’t take long for it to turn into more than just someone to play Xbox with. It’s sort of a dysfunctional family of sorts. It’s not for everyone, but for those of us who fit in, It’s home. Pretty sappy, yuck. Anyways, once I saw a pic of Grex, I wasn’t going anywhere.


you’ve been bitten by the bug you have been be turned to the darkside

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