Why you need to play on GTA night

We’re playing GTA V on Thursday nights! This is why you need to join us:

We work well together as a team:

And there’s nothing but love between fellow GRG members:

So join us on Thursday nights!


You didn’t get the truck hitting the van and causing it to blow up.

I tried. However, I think that the mission failed screen going into the loading screen screwed up Xbox’s Record That feature.

I’ll be on next Thursday. I should have played last night instead of collecting fish bait in TESO.

Edited: wait it will be the following Thursday. Reapercast is next week.

This would be such a fun game if the lobby / loading screens weren’t so over bearing. Other than that, gameplay is just ridiculous. GRG asshatery all night long.

For instance, @anon42851937 get’s a big van that we all can fit us all as a getaway car. What’s the first thing I do when we arrive at our destination? Shoot the fucking tires out.

Or when we’d try to group up to do a gang event and we start TKing each other. 20 minutes later and we still haven’t killed the gang.

Just pure stupidity.

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Yeah, I need to either adjust the calendar for every other week, or switch nights. Not sure which is best. We’ll see how every other Thursday does at first.

Halfway tempted to pull some GTA again tonight. Wonder if enough are out there to recruit around GTAO still? There were a lot of full rooms when we were trying to coordinate.

We were getting some pretty good cash on some regular jobs in Normal difficulty last night. I wonder if they boosted the payouts recently.

You guys playing GTA on ps4

Xbox One.

I have heard Tuttle mention play it again on PS4. If there are enough guy I am sure you guys could get a night going.

Im always on GTA