Windows 10 OS not updating to latest?


I feel like my PC is not updated as it should, although when I run the “check for updates” it tells me no updates available. I was hoping someone could possibly shed some insight on if I have a problem or not.


History shows last update in August? Is that right?

I’ve tried a few things thinking that the update was getting hung up somehow. I’ve downloaded the standalone update file and tried it a few times. It takes forever and then eventually stops.

I didn’t try going into safe mode to clear update folders and whatnot. Perhaps that should be my next step.

Mind you, my PC is running fine. But I’m paranoid that I should be as up to date as possible with my OS.

Any advice from the GRG PC tech community?

Thanks all.

Windows 10 Fall Creators update just hit so you should be downloading it if it hasn’t. As far as getting the updates to work… Fuck if I know.

This all started back in April I think. I had similar issues getting the updates to come through. Eventually I got them in via the standalone installer, although I’m not totally sure what exactly I did to make it go through back then because I had been trying so many different things for several days (kinda like I’m doing now). I’m trying to avoid resetting the PC completely if at all possible because that is a big pain in the ass. Damn computers…

Didn’t the first creators update come though in the Spring? Maybe that update is when this all started.

Here, try the steps below to stop the update service, clear the cache, and restart the service.

Thanks JH. I tried something similar but I’ll give these instructions a go tonight.

I’ve had horrendous issues at work but not checked my home PC in a while.

I will take a look when I’m home and see when I last installed an update.

Maybe my troubles are not isolated to just me.


I went here ==> and now I’m here. Let’s see if it actually updates.


You are definitely missing some.
My home laptop seems to be ticking along OK.

Yea. See? Told ya. GRRRRRRR I’ll figure it out. Working on it now.

Disabled my AVG firewall and…

I knew the answer was out there.

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Should have asked what you had for AV. I had to ditch AVG a few months ago for Defender, because AVG was hogging up resources.

Yea. I will have to reconsider my AV choice next time around.

I went to Defender, with Malwarebytes on a weekly scan. Kept things clean on my end.

Defender is the WIN10 built in AV right?


I’ve recently moved to Defender.
AVG popups were fucking me right off.

Just use Linux already.

Can I play BF1 on it?