Wish me luck gents.

Wish me luck, gentlemen. I have a job interview this morning with the owner of a new t-shirt/sign shop that opened up a few weeks ago. He apparently is in desperate need of a graphic designer. Dropped off my resume and a few samples and got a phone call from him last night around dinner time.

I’ll let you all know how it goes.


Give them our number I am sure that wouldn’t destroy your cause! Best of luck.

Good luck Gatsu!

Good luck buddy.

Good luck. Hopefully this gives you what you’re looking for career wise without having to pull up stakes and move.

Best of Luck

Interview went pretty well. They said they would let me know either way in a day or so. Here’s hoping.


Well. They called me this morning and i went in for a 2nd meeting. I got the job. Sadly no benefits and the pay is lower than my previous job. But its gonna pay bills for a while. Bettet than where Im at.

Thanks for well wishes and support. I appreciate it.


Gotta start somewhere, man! Congrats!!

Awesome news.

Congrats. Now get your free loading ass out of the glory hole. Gunny is starting to get angry.

Congratulations !!!

Congrats Gatsu. This will at least let you keep the bills paid until you find something more along the lines of what you had. It always helps to get some of the pressure off of you.