Wishlist for Content & Changes in Gears of War 4

While playing horde last night I got talking with everyone in the party about characters & content we’d all like to see brought back in this iteration of Gears.

If you’ve got a list or any additions, feel free to share.


Armored Dom - Sort of an “what if” he hadn’t of died, and wore his old COG armor.
Armored Anya - Same as the Dom idea.
Alex Brand - Preorder character from Gears Judgement
The UIR dude from Judgement
Elite COG Gear
The COG guys from the Raam’s Shadow DLC in Gears 3


Maulers (the boomers with the shield and chained mace)
Flame Boomer (with the flame throwers & exploding back packs)
Kantus - the healers of the Locust army, threw ink grenades and had the gorgon pistol
Tickers - as much as I hate them, I kind of miss them.


Boom Shield
Flame Thrower
Ink Grenades
Gorgon Pistol


We need more stuff to build. More variations on fortifications.

  • Decoys turn into actual A.I. Soldiers in highest level
  • Boomshot or rocket type of mounted turret
  • Bring back the Silverback mech
  • More Sentries, like a flame thrower type or rocket type
  • Have a classic horde mode, where it’s all the original locust enemies from Gears 3, so we can fight Berserkers and other bosses again.
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I’d like to see some kind of increase to credits for people that got the ultimate edition. Exclusive characters or something besides being able to own the maps. Also bring back the digger and sawed off.

And most importantly superstar cole fedora and all WOOOOOO

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