Working out while wearing a mask

I desperately need to lose my Covid-19 and need to get my ass back in the gym. Obviously, I have to wear a mask while there. So are there any good masks to use while working out? I’m using a basic bitch cloth one that becomes a waterboarding experience after a bit on the elliptical.

Yes, I know GRG would enjoy my suffocation. Also, ball gags and gimp masks aren’t allowed at my gym. I checked already.

I’ve been running at home but i did some work with the cloth one on…omg…medical mask might be better…

this is what the sports nerds are saying is the thing

dont think i have the creds to claim i am one anymore

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I’ve never worn one, but before COVID I would see a guy at gym on treadmill and row matching wearing similar to this

that last one is an air resistance mask. its a cross fit thing to simulate high altitude exercise. Buddy of mine has one of those.

I would highly recommend this to you. Make sure put it on the highest filter setting. Better yet. just tape over all the holes for maximum air flow resistance.


And I’m the mean one.

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They are just lobbing them up today.