World of Tanks on Xbox One and ........

Unofficial comments that World of Tanks will be released on the Xbox One right after the E3 show next month ( this comes from some friends I had made being on the tester program for the game , some of whom have been testing on the new console ) but Wargaming might also announce World of Warships coming to the Xbox One some time this year as well . No word about these two free - to - play games are coming to PS console(s) . Again this is yet to be confirmed but I almost sure it will happen after the E3 show . I for one can’t wait .

Would be interesting, but guessing I’ll be entrenched in TESO right about this time.

I’d like to check out Warships.

Sounds intriguing, I’ll keep my ear out for that

Any idea if our tanks will transfer over for the 360?

That’s a shit ton of grinding id have to do to get to where I am now.

This question has already been answered by Wargaming . YES !!! You will have everything that you had on your account that was on the Xbox 360 and not only that , you will be playing against people who are still using the old console ( first time every that I know of cross-over old console-to-new console been allowed ) . This is the only developer that is doing this because they have their own servers . The game on both consoles will play the same just graphics will be better on the Xbox One .

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I played a lot of Destiny on the Xbox 360 ( warlock and titan were both Lvl 28 , if I remember ) but I would have to start all that grinding/farming all over again to reach those levels on the Xbox One . It would take way to long and too much work to start over again . I’ll just wait until Destiny II comes out .

Already done . pre-ordered and paid for digital copy on the Xbox One