World of Tanks PS4

Has anyone played, or does anyone have interest in playing World of Tanks on PS4?

I used to play this, but stopped about a year ago since I couldn’t find anyone else interested.

It seems this is also one of the games featured for “Team Tournaments” in one of the most recent Playstation updates. It would be cool to get a team together, practice, and actually try this.

Let me know if anyone is interested…


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I also played bout yr ago and same thing jus no one on at same time

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I also played that a little maybe 9 months ago. If we had a group, I could give it another try.

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If anyone is interested in getting a group going for one night a week (to start). Reply to this with this text quoted and I’ll get it going and we can figure out details at that point.


Make sure to tag the @PlayStationPlayers group.

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