World of Tanks training night

After a long week of long hours at work , a death in girlfriends family , downloading Windows 10 on three PC’s and on two laptops , changing passwords for just about everything , Xbox Live issues ( because Win. 10 fucking up console ) and other drama bullshit , I will finally get time to set up a training session for the game .

Day ----- Tuesday, August 4th
Time ---- 8 PM Central time

All those interested to learn the game are welcome . Need at least a group of six or more to set up a training room .

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I’m definitely interested - been more fun than I thought it would be. Maybe it’s the lack of Lala in the game so far… :wink:

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Very interested… But I gotta say maybe

Despite Skivir attending, count me in.

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Ill be there as well. What level tanks do you want us to bring?

I am adding this to the calendar. Canceling COD tonight as I am a maybe for that anyway.

Looks like a few new guys so I’m assuming lower tiers.