World Of Warcraft Legion

Who is getting WoW Legion?

I got it. I’m currently on a PvP server but would like to transfer to PvE. I’d also be up for leveling a new toon. This is mainly to give me something to play other than FPS. Also, I love MMO PvP (arenas and what not).

What server and faction is everyone on?

I’m always going to be Alliance. I’m looking at moving to the Dalarian Server as it’s the most populated for PvE. I want a healthy active server. I’d like to see if any GRG are playing as well.

I’ve got it. Been trying out the Demon Hunter for an hour or so. I like it, but I am just so used to playing ranged DPS.

I also play 98% Horde. I don’t think I’ve gotten an Ally much past lvl 10. That said, it would probably be cool to roll an Alliance toon…as much of the story and locations will be somewhat new to me.

Well the horde is just ugly, and your momma dresses you funny.

Since I haven’t played in over 5 years, I’ll probably create a new toon to relearn WoW. I’m leaning towards Dalaran as it’s a new player server and has a high population. If anyone else has a suggestion let me know (they should nuke realms and just have mega servers like any modern MMO).

I will go Alliance. I just can’t play Horde or really any non Human race. I’m boring and vanilla. Deal with it. It’d be cool if you all joined in and we low leveled it.

I have 3 85’s from Cataclysm and a 75 Pally on another server, I may move them over at some point. is hideouschud#1924.

I just rolled a new toon on Dalaran. Human Mage named Doughenning.

So far the Human zones are cool…even if they are all fluffy unicorns and glitter. I logged just after finishing the Kobolds.

I just noticed this on my Xbox. Is it new?

I wish they could bring something like this to XBox.

Who doesn’t like Unicorns?

Going to start a Human Warrior on Dalaran.

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Still not on Xbox but I think Kraig saw an ad for the expansion on the side of the main dashboard.

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I did.

Yeah, no way I was ever doing that. I was playing for a bit leveling up my new Warrior. Fun class so far, I play mostly RDPS in WoW so this is a bit of a change. They definitely streamlined the starting zone. I figured I haven’t played in 5 years (other than a bit on the WoW Private server which ran nicely until blizzard shut it down) that I should just start over and learn how to play. I’m in no rush to raid or worry about endgame.

Also the Pokemon mini game is a straight rip off. Kind of silly but I’m leveling pets now as well. I’m still undecided if I’ll move over my 3 85s and 1 75. (my Warlock, Mage and Hunter are 85, my Pallidan is 75). I do wish I had access to gold and could make inventory bags for the noob. They won’t let you transfer stuff cross realms.

I’ll just buy gold. I’m not too worried. Either cheap chinese gold or actual WoW paid gold. I think you can get 36k for $20 bucks from the Store.


Blizzard’s Biggest Update for WoW ever.

The games a turd.