World of warships closed beta test sign up is out.

Wargaming has started a sign up for the closed beta test. The codes will be set out on December 17th and testing will start on the 21th thru the 23th weekend. Go to World of Warships: Legends to sign up. Sorry on my phone so I can’t post the link.

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This beta test is for xbox and playstation.

Signed up for XBox…

Codes have been sent out . I have mine and can also show footage from the Alfa test now.

Been playing all morning - lot of fun! Can imagine with a group this could be kickass. They really nailed the feeling that you’re working something with some major mass that doesn’t turn on a dime. LOL

Hopping on now for next few hours - send an invite if you’re jumping in and want to squad up.

Good games last night with BalekFakete. All though this is a closed Beta , the game very smoothl with one or two hick ups. Fun to play , good graphics ( Beta or not ), easy controls, easy to learn and understand gameplay. Some have said the console version is better on some things then the PC which I myself will agree having played on the PC version. The game will not be in closed Beta for very long by the looks of things . The game is that damn good !!!

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Fully agree. Very smooth and a hellava lot of fun when you get that full spread of torpedoes broadside that enemy battleship!

Sunk 4 ships with my St. LOUIS before I eat 6 torpedoes. We still won .

One of my better rounds…