Worlds Adrift Airship Building Exploration

I recently discovered this game currently in a closed beta, however in 3 days they will sell a few more beta keys. Anyone play it? Looks pretty fun. It is an airship building exploration MMO. Worlds Adrift

Steam Link for World Adrift.

Create Islands for free and sumbit to win something.(FREE)

I don’t think I’m in any way creative enough for this game…

Is it free? Or is it one of those - buy an alpha pack thing for access to the game?

Not free…not at least what i have read so far…you buy a package and get access.

They are limiting when they sell keys and how many they sell while it is in closed beta.

I watched a few streamers. The game seems to draw out the pirate mentality from people.

A new wave of beta keys are now up on the official site and steam!

Packs starting @ $34.99 USD. I am waiting to see more from this game before I purchase. I’ve got enough on my plate for now anyways.