Worth Starting ESO Now?

I’m a long time Elder Scrolls fan. For whatever reason, I never played ESO. My question is this: is it worth getting into ESO now, or is it too late?

Lot of @ESOPlayers can chime in on this one. Beauty in ESO is you can team up with anyone no matter their level I believe.

Unless you are going to spend more money than just buying the game, for the DLC’s (NOT MORROWWIND and SUMMERSET) the ones you can buy in the crown store, then no. Just my opinion.

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How expensive is the DLC?

The base game is $10 on Steam (and the XBox store but I see you’re a PC gamer). That price alone offers countless hours of content and a cheap price to test the waters. Seriously, it’s only 10 bucks.

I’m a big fanboy of this game so of course my opinion is biased. I enjoy this a lot. I think it’s the best questing MMO out. It’s more than a “get 10 of this” or “kill 15 of that”. Quests are multi-leveled and make you feel like you’re really part of the story. Plus, the entire game is voice acted (even if there seems to be like 4 actors :rofl: ).

The world is HUUUUGE. Seriously, the base game alone is MASSIVE…

I also enjoy PvP in the game. Cyrodiil is a large scale PvP section with Castles, Towers and siege equipment. This is probably my favorite part of the game.

Dungeons are well done. I have not attempted the Raids (Trials as they call them), maybe @xxxNAILBUNNYxxx could elaborate on that.

This is true. You can squad up with people of any level or faction and run through quests or dungeons.

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They also offer ESO plus. If you sub to that you get an unlimited crafting bag and all the DLC (save for Morrowind and Summerset) is unlocked while the sub is active. Is that worth it? Yes and no. If you’re just fucking around I would skip it. If you get serious or if you want to buy crowns to buy something from the store then yes, it’s worth it.

It’s not needed to start playing.

Do you like mmo’s? This is an mmo with an elders scroll story line and graphics, not an elders scroll game that happens to be an mmo. Also, are you prepared to buy morrowind and summerset and the monthly subscription? Seriously, I would pay to buy the crafting bag, but I’m not going to pay 10 bucks a month for it. (Again).

Fuck for 10 bucks I’ll pick it up and fuck around.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with MMOs. I loved Guildwars, Star Wars Online and EVE, couldn’t really get into WOW. I’m thinking of picking up ESO just because I love Elder Scrolls lore so much.

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Good point. FO76 does seem to have FPS combat in an MMO setting, which is ideal.

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Guild Wars 1 or 2? I played the absolute FUCK out of Guild Wars 2. I think I have about 3k hours logged, most of it in PvP for World vs World vs World. Love that game and sadly I’m retired from it.

And was it Star Wars Old Republic? Another great MMO. ESO and SWToR are similar with questing and story telling. Both at the top of the MMO game in that aspect. Also, SWToR’s Huttball is my absolute favorite MMO PvP game mode. My trooper whooped ass.

Not the SWOR, the old first one that got shut down. Lol I just played a naked Trandoshan who would go around stealing people’s quests. I played Guild Wars 1, never got into 2.

@D1G1TALC1PHERS was into that game, Star Wars Galaxies.

That’s it! I remember begging my mom to buy an upgraded graphics card to play it.

Or buy an XBox, we have a few playing on that console. :wink:

Galaxies is my all time favorite MMO. You actually lived in the world and ran businesses. It was a true open living world. It also felt like the original 3 movies. I doubt we will ever see anything like it again.

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funny thing i normally an into magic and space magic and such and I do Like ESO…but i’m feeling FO76 might be the game that gets me to play something on the regular that’s not D2

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ESO is def worth playing. And ESO plus is worth every penny of the subscription.
I love this game.
I am about to research the costs involved in expanding my collection to include the PC version.
What I love about ESO is how it’s very playable alone, and even more playable with a group of friends. It’s great PVE, and respectable PVP. I always had fun in Cyrodill when I went in.
I’ve had the game forever, even stopped playing it for almost a year… but it draws you back in.
There is so much stuff to do. You probably will never come close to doing absolutely everything.
I’m a huge Elder Scrolls fan-boy. I admit it.
No matter where my gamer ADD takes me ESO always has ways to draw me back in.