Wrath of the machine.. Tryhard v.1.0

Ok, last night we went into the “easy” raid and we smacked it in the mouth. It was almost too easy, if you take the breaks out of it we clocked in at just above 2 hours. So now I say to you @Elgr8one , @DJPGoldnation, @zSSL , and last but not least @Sniper_T1 … are you ready to scrape axis off your boot heel again in heroic? I dont know about you guys but I want that heroic loot. My light is sitting at 390 right now but 380 and above is all you need unless your extremely skilled at PvE. @DestinyPlayers if you want in, I’ll make sure your included as well. No reason why we can’t get you heroic ready post reset. (I like getting stuff out of chests…)

Monday or Tuesday night works best for me.

I can put my hat in the ring tonight for that. Tomorrow I may be watching the World series at a bar with sniper

Earlier would be better for me but we will see where everyone is at around the usual time

OK to raid tonight. Only good until about 11 or 11:30 and will have to bail. As of now we do plan on meeting you guys at James tomorrow. We probably won’t stay for the entire game. We are old and usually in bed by 9.