[XB1] [12/1] Come On, I Wanna Leia!

Join TexasReaperCrew TONIGHT for some GRG ass-hattery on Star Wars Battlefront! We’ll fool around in some Walker Assault, Supremacy, and Heroes vs Villians.

These ARE the droids you are looking for! (Don’t judge me)

Originally published at: http://grimreapergamers.com/events/2015/12/xb1-121-come-wanna-leia/

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I’m in. Hopefully we can get a full party going again. It was a blast last time.


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Hoping to be there.

Remember Jakku DLC is out today for people that preordered

Since BB f’d up my pre-order i think i am out.

Just downloaded last night. I will be ready to play this evening.

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Shameless bump

Had a pretty decent turnout. Played a few games of wallker, then a few of supremacy. Pretty even as far as wins/losses. Thanks to those who played.

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Yep, got on late due to being a taxi driver for the kids. The few games I got in were a good time. Managed to fly the A Wing fighter for a long time, didn’t get any kills but I fucked up some Tie-fighters. Damaged them and made the pilots panic and crash.