XB1 and PS4 Gamer Tags

I created a Google Drive Spreadsheet for people to put their Gamertags and PSN IDs. Please put your tags in the correct spots and put your Time Zone so people who are in similar time zones can play with you or people know when they can expect you to be on.




Also if this gains ground can a mod or admin please sticky it for the new members?

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Great idea

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@TexasReaperCrew then put your GT in there. You can do it right from the forum here.

cool this could make updating my friends list so much easier thanks @Cootersaurus

This is nice, but I find these get out of date real fast as the thread gets buried. We have tags on users profiles and there are ways to pull up a full list with the member directory or through the badges. Check out the article below. If you are dropping your tags in this sheet please make sure that your profile is up to date as well. You can get to your profile on the main site here. http://grimreapergamers.com/profile/

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Wont let me do it via mobile. Some one do it for me.
Forum: Gunny
Xbone gt: X GunnyBass X

gotcha gunny

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Thank you.

I’m royalty. Peeps should do all my shit for me!

In the same boat as gunny, I can’t put anything in

Forum MrsButderworth
XB1 GT Mrs ButderWorth
Not currently on PSN

Mark me as Mountain Time.

Arizona Time :wink:
That’s means Right now I am Moutain Time and when time changes I am Pacific Time.
Arizona don’t honor daylight savings.

Please and Thank You

Are you reviving gunny’s glory hole. keep it up and i’ll put a poll out there in the community to vote you up to reapercast full time

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I might be? Oh yeah EST

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Just like a few others on here I can’t enter it from my mobile.

Forum APMech12
XB1 APMech12

Thanks guys.


Thank you, it is appreciated.

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This thread is fired since it fucks up my mobile version when I open it.


Thank you.

This thread is mostly for new people joining the site. When I get the chance ill change the color of the leaders.

I threw mine on there! I’ve been loving playing with everyone.

My brother and I are on mobile. TheBatmel xb1 tag The Batmel. And brother is dinoromani xb1 tag SirFlooflePants. Time is Pacific (California)

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