XB1 - Do you play Excite Bike on the Xbox One?

Who here plays Excite Bike on the XB1? Hell who even remembers the game?

So amid the possible confusion…I am more so talking about Trials Fusion.

Could be fun to get some multiplayer to relive that old dirtbike action…

Hell we can even get upto 8 Reapers on track at once…

So who has it?

Loved Excitebike. One of the few games I’ll mention when speaking about NES. Don’t have that Trials game, but I do see your point of it would be fun.

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I have Trials Fusion. Fun and Frustrating, multiplayer could be a blast.

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Yeah, i have it also. Id play dome.

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oh snappy…might have to set an event for this one…

Have all the Trials games except the newest.

Love Excite Bike, one of my favorite NES games growing up.

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