[XB1] Moose Knuckle Mafia (Team 4)

Moose Knuckle Mafia, remember that name! It’s going on the winning trophy! The other XBox teams are weak and scared. We’re bringing the pain and the teabags. It’s ok to be scared, it’s understandable.

@Ahobbs2121 @beers_and_leafs @AWOLxFromFatCamp @TheBodyFarmer @ReaperMan10


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@Ahobbs2121 @beers_and_leafs @AWOLxFromFatCamp @TheBodyFarmer @ReaperMan10

Lets get some games in together so we can refine our winning ways. Anyone on this weekend? I’m tied up with the RaperCast tonight.

I’ll be on Friday night we can get a few games in.

Message me on XBL whenever you guys are on and I’ll hop on. I should be home. Sunday I wont be on during the night

I will be on Friday. …supposed to play rb6 with dis, but if he has enough I can swap. But I will be on Saturday also, so let me know when.

I may hop on the RB6 event as well as I think I’ll pick it up. Let’s shoot for Saturday and Tuesday. Try to gather as many as we can and pwn XBox Live.

Weekends are tough for me but I will try on saturday. Sunday night thru Thursday night are best for me.

Also, what game types do we want? I have some “influence” on choices. :joy:

We should try a bit of each potential game mode

Not sure on throwing s&d or hard point in there. I think those r modes that only a few play but if you do you could really have an advantage. Especially hardpoint.

I am shocked at you people for not using the integrated meme generator more. For Shame.

The what now?

So I see.

I can be on tonight and for a bit on Sunday after that I’m in fucking Connecticut of all places till Thursday night


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I will be back on Sunday night

Okay, sounds like Sunday night it is.

8pm? 9pm? other pm?

I should be on by 7 central

GRG operates on BST (Brady Standard Time).

My night looks free and I hope to get on by 8 BST, if not 9 BST.

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