XB1 - Playing Marvel Heroes Omega

Jumping on Marvel Heroes Omega for a bit. If any XB1 players are interested…its a free game. Similar to Diablo type of game play as an ARPG. Lots of heroes to choose from with all having their own unique abilities.

XB1: GhstWlkrs

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This wasn’t available for me yesterday. I tried to find it. I’ll check the store again shortly

I installed it last night and was going to check it out. The daredevil pack is free right now as well

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yes it is…thx for the heads up

Played a little this afternoon and it’s ok. I will have to put more time into it, but it feels a bit clunky. After playing D3 lately, it’s a good thing this is free.

oh yeah…its not upto par as Diablo 3…just more variety to the genre, its free, and its superheroes lol