[XB1] Rocket League Tournament #2 March Madness Edition Sign Ups

Wed March 23, 2016 9:00 PM Eastern we will be hosting a one night 3 v 3 Rocket League Tournament.


3 vs 3 *
Round Robin Best of 3 **
Time: 5 minutes
Stadium: Random
Bots: ROOKIE ***
Tie Breaker: Goals Scored

*Substitutions are allowed as long as they are approved. If we do not have a sub bots will be used to keep the tournament going.

**If you go down 2-0 you do not have to play the 3rd game unless you want to. If you choose not to play the result will be an automatic 1-0 loss.

***Please set the bots to ROOKIE. Setting them to PRO or above at this point is an unfair advantage.

Score Reporting:

Team Captains will be named to report scores. Scores can be reported in a few different ways to make it convenient. Since Goals Scored is now our tie breaker please keep track of the score for each game.

The preferred method would be for Captains and/or team members sign up at http://bracketcloud.com/
Here you will be able to access Schedule, Results, Standings, and be able to submit scores. I think this would be the fastest for all. You don’t have to deal with Xbox Live messaging and can see who you play next while submitting your scores.

You can also report scores over Xbox Live ( D1G1TALC1PHERS ) , GRG Slack Chat with @digitalciphers , or by text message if you do not want to sign up for that site.

Side Notes:

Team Names are required. Let’s really try and get these done this time. It makes it more fun IMO.

Sign up Below.

All of this is subject to change.

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TexasReaperCrew is in. I’ll be a captain. I’ll need your phone number for sext reporting of scores.

No bitch you will sign up at bracketcloud. :grin:

This is already bullshit. @anon3687162 do something

I’m in. Hopefully, no one fucks up a server that week.

I would be down. Had a lot of fun last night.

I’m in again.

Don’t put my name in this thread, Dig will make me play in this one too then.

I’m in. Last night was good time. Lost to many close games though.

Count me in. I will once again carry my team!

I am in, had a great time last night and I know what to work on now, everything.

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Damn you, farmer

I am in–

Good. Hopefully you will get better by then!

So, sorry for dumb question - sign up at bracketcloud and I’ll be assigned to a team? It’d be cool to get in on this tourney (or is this just for the teams that have already played?)

You can sign up here. So you are signed up. The bracket thing is optional.

Gotchya, thanks

You were the one with all the time off

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I am in and will bring down the talent level of my team!