Xbox Boss talks about Project Scorpio higher price tag

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Don’t like the sound of this .

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My bet is $500 out of the gate. I don’t think it will hold long, because the S is already seeing drops and the market is getting saturated.

I’m not expecting it to be cheap, never was. I’m going to get it because I want the fastest most powerful Xbox gaming experience I can get! Waaaahooooo!!! I’m passing over the S in favor of Scorpio. Just hope my day one console holds out. So far so good.

I am with @anon42851937. Figure around 5 bills. I am also skipping over the slim in hopes for upgrade to Scorpio.

If you want 4k gaming you are going to have to pay for it. I just paid $430 for a new video card for my PC that will just do 4k. I have to turn off some of the bells and whistles.

The bigger question will be what other companies are going to jump on making the games in 4k. We know all 1st party M$ will be native 4k, but if the others are just upscaled a slim will do that.

Anywhere in the $5-600 range and I’m in. I have a nice 4K HDR set so want something that’ll make it shine. Also skipping the S to keep the wife aggro to minimum.

I’ll get the Scorpio. Possibly not on day 1 but I’m getting it.

If it will give me the equivalent of PC Ultra settings at 1080p and a rock solid 60fps, I may have to jump on it. I have no interest in 4k@30fps with flat ass lifeless textures though.

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