Xbox - Community Calendar

So back in the beginning of 2016, Microsoft released from beta testing the Community Calendar. It became available to all Xbox Users on Jan 28, 2016.
What is the Community Calendar?
Microsoft pushed that Xbox was the place for gamers and consistently boasted about the Xbox Community. In doing so they wanted to ensure that their fan base was being listened to and feedback was giving gamers what they wanted.

One of many of those feedbacks responses to the Gamers, was the Community Calendar. An application that is available in the Xbox Store. The idea was to have a place where gamers could see various events and information of what was happening in the xbox community; to include meeting other gamers, game-creators, etc.

What can I see using the Community Calendar?
So now you have the Community Calendar downloaded and your not sure what to do. No worries, the calendar starts out showing you everything that is going on. However, you are able to select what categories you are interesting in viewing. Currently there are 10 different categories to choose from.

  • Challenges & Contests - Cool stuff for you to earn or enter to win.
  • Community Shows - Meet your Xbox Community Managers and passionate fans who are doing cool things for the community.
  • Free Stuff - You’re a part of the Xbox Community, and we love you, so have some free stuff. Here you’ll find Free Movie Weekends, Games with Gold, and Free to Play Games.
  • Game Add-Ons - From Minecraft texture packs to new Forza cars, find out when you can get more for you favorite games.
  • Game Launch - Finally! now you can see the launch dates of games coming to Xbox One, all in one place.
  • Game With Fame - Tune in to Twitch for you chance to play with top celebrities and industry leaders. Join in and play, chat & ask questions, or just watch the fun unfold.
  • Gatherings - Streams hosted by the community, for the community. Xbox Ambassadors and Community Managers put on Gatherings for you to learn game strategies, meet new players, and talk about the latest news.
  • Live Events - Tune in to a wide variety of community livestreams!
  • Mixer Partners - Mixer, Microsofts very own streaming service. Check out various partnered streamers here.
  • Tournaments - Major eSports event broadcasted here. Watch the best of the best compete for the title of Champion.

So all in all, when you are in those dull moments of gaming and just dont what to do…Check out Community Calendar. Microsoft continues to update and provide the requests of gamers to gamers. Using the App, you will be able to track events by date, join events, and watch for game releases.

Till next time GhstWlkrs out o7

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Gee, if only they still ran community playdates, this would be a perfect platform to advertise it.

I thought with this the only way you could get something on this calendar was if you were a microsoft partner

From my understanding that is correct. What they need to add is calendars to clubs.

Community Playdates have been reduced to this…

Which sucks because having that advert on the dashboard has the potential to bring in more members than any other form of recruiting. It’s not like M$ had to do much more than add the advert to the dashboard as the community that was hosting took care of everything else.

Huh…maybe thats what the purpose of the LFG post in Game Hubs now serve…

Yea but that isn’t on the home page you still have to search for it. Community Playdates had a dedicated advertisement on the dashboard for like a week before. So your community had it’s logo, website, whatever plastered on the dashboard at no cost to the community. You just had to have enough members to run rooms to accommodate the amount of people that show up.

ah ok…never got to experience that myself i guess. Was that something that was highlighted for the 360?

Yes. Lala and maybe a few other old school members ran a couple for 2o2p back in the day.

Yeah, I ran and organized 2 for 2o2p and was a part of a couple others. It was nuts. The amount of Friend requests and messages I got was insane. I couldn’t keep up with it. And that was when they limited you to 100 people.

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