Xbox Elite Controller Sold Out!

M $ says they should have them back for the holidays.

Scuf cant manufacture them that fast… wonderr if they pulled a nintendo and did this on purpose.

The article I read said they didn’t expect people to preorder all of them.

Basically if a store had 1 preorder they got 1 controller, if the had 50 they got 50. No store got extra.

Sounds like a great business plan, SMH

Yup…more and more time that goes my, less likely I’ll buy one. Even more so if I have to replace an existing controller during the wait.

I’m seeing quite a few reports on reddit of people having issues with these like squeaky triggers, loose paddles, messed up sticks, etc. Might want to wait a while till they correct some of these defects.


I got one! My kids hooked me up on my birthday! Which is cool because it’s something I really want but would never buy for myself. The domed sticks are tits!


I only pray it’s like the 2nd pic, but I know it’s more like the first one.