Xbox Game Gifting Available To Some Insiders

No date as of yet, But there’s a good bet we expect to hear something later this year.


Our bastard at GRG don’t even gift $1 Genital Jousting games on Steam. Well a few have offered to gift at least.

Gunny gifts admission tickets to the glory hole but makes up with the fees charged once you are inside.

This great to hear, as it is something that is long overdue.


About damn time! Now you can purchase DiRT 4, Prey, Injustice 2, and Shadow Warrior 2 for me.


Xbox Game Gifting Available To Insiders

At the start of the month, Xbox One’s much anticipated game gifting program was rolled out to select users from the Xbox Insider program. While it still remains in the insiders program for the moment, the latest update will roll out the feature to all users in said program, Mike Ybarra announced. Additionally, he also confirmed that DLC will be gift-able as well as fully-fledged titles.

Even if this code is real, it’s probably gone now. Even if this code is real, it’s probably gone now.

No word on when the feature will roll out to everyone, but provided everything goes well in this latest round of testing, you can probably expect to see it roll out to all Xbox users sooner rather than later, particularly with holiday season just round the corner.