Xbox Game Pass Quests for July: Earn Rewards Points By Playing Games

Not sure who else uses the Microsoft Rewards, but I do and these new Quests that they’ve started in the Game Pass App is a quick way to get points fast.

What are Xbox Game Pass Quests?

If you are an Xbox Game Pass owner, you will have access to a series of Quests — visible in the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox, the Xbox Game Pass app on mobile or in your Microsoft account on your browser. These Quests relate to games currently in the Pass, and normally require you to unlock one or more achievements in a certain game or category, or to complete a specific achievement in a game. Completing the Quests earns anywhere from 50 to 1000 Microsoft Rewards points, which can be redeemed against rewards such as a free month of one of Microsoft’s many subscription services. Remember to go back and “claim” the points from the reward to complete the “Quest”!

Here are the Xbox Game Pass Quests for July.

LEGO Batman 2 and 3 – 200 points

All you need to do here is complete one achievement in both LEGO Batman 2 and LEGO Batman 3. You can easily pull off a finishing move for Combo Hero within minutes of starting the second game. All you need to do is build up a multiplier of downing enemies until you see a “B” symbol appear, meaning that you can execute a combo finisher.

For LEGO Batman 3, you can either whip through the first level in about twenty minutes or head straight to the Batcave lab and create a custom character.

Play something new — 100 points

Note: We’re seeing this one on the browser pages but not on Xbox, so it may no longer be available.
For this Quest, you just need to unlock a single achievement in any of the following:

Seeing as you will need to unlock an achievement in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham for the previous quest anyway, we suggest you go for that one!

Achievement hunter — 100 points

Another Quest in which you just need to unlock a single achievement in a recent Xbox Game Pass game. You can choose from the following:

Of these games, probably the easiest to nab an achievement in (that you could reliably go on to complete) would be The Turing Test, as you’ll nab an achievement after completing Chapter One and the rest of the game will only take about 6-8 hours. Everything else in the list is either very tricky or a bit of a grind — not that you should let that put you off though, as on the whole this is a pretty well-renowned bunch.

Monster Hunter World — 200 points

For this quest, you just need to complete two achievements in Monster Hunter: World. If you are new to the game then, provided you managed to sucessfully hide from the Jagras pack in the prologue and make it to the settlement, you should be able to complete this Quest in less than an hour.

Fallout 4 — 200 points

For this one, you need to go back to Fallout 4 and unlock two achievements. If this is your first trip to the Commonwealth, you should be able to get two achievements within an hour or two. Just make sure to visit the canteen in Vault 111 before leaving it, and play the Holotape game in the terminal for Future Retro. After that, you just need to make it out of the Vault to get War Never Changes.

Explore Family Games — 20 points

This one isn’t worth many points, which is probably just as well as, far as we can tell, it’s broken. We’re guessing the idea is that opening the Quest on the Xbox should take us to a category of Xbox Game Pass games that are considered family friendly. In my experience we were just able to claim the 20 point prize immediately without exploring any family games at all.

Play on your PC — 500 points

This Quest is worth a fair chunk of points, but for good reason — despite the name you need to download, play and unlock a specific game on PC, and that game is Forza Horizon 4. That’ll set you back at least 70GB on your computer, assuming that you have a PC that can play it. If so, you can unlock an achievement just by arriving at Horizon festival at the beginning of the game.

Survive the Horror — 400 points

A new style of Quest this month — not only do you need to earn one achievement in a set of specific horror games, there are actually separate date windows for unlocking each one. You will need to get an achievement in the following timeframes:

None of these games have particularly tricky first achievements — in Prey, you will Know Thy Self during the initial tutorial missions and in State of Decay, you will unlock Cannibal Family Panic soon after fighting off your first zombies. You can easily scan an enemy in Resident Evil Revelations, and Resident Evil 5 just requires you to complete Chapter 1-1.

Sign in to the Xbox Game Pass mobile app — 100 points

This one is easy, and seems to be recurring — just download the Xbox Game Pass app on iOS or Android, and sign in, and you should get 100 points. Done!


Weirdly I’m only seeing about half of those in the mobile app.
Will check later elsewhere and see if the others are visible.

I do the MS rewards when I remember but didn’t notice these ones.

Apparently they’re geographical. Different countries may see different quests.

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