Xbox Game Pass Ultimate E3 Deal

Huge deal with Xbox game pass Ultimate that is even sweeter for existing Live subscribers. Currently there is a deal during E3 to get 1 month of game pass ultimate for $1. Now here is the sweet part. If you take this deal as an existing member it will convert all your remaining pre-paid months on your live subscription to Game pass ultimate at no charge. There is a limit to this at 36 months. Full Details below.

I used rewards points and added 12 months to my sub and had about 6 months left on my current sub so getting about 18 months of game pass ultimate on the cheap.


Supposedly the Ultimate will/does give you access to Xbox Game Pass for PC too.
Though it doesn’t seem to be working yet for me.
Also, they should clearly change its name to something less wordy.

yea i have my gold prepaid up to 2022 i think…whatever the max is…i got really good black Friday deal in 2017 and maxed it out…then accidentally added a year to mine when i wanted to add a year to my sons this past xmas…I’m going to give this a shot…thanks @Grex

Make sure you are on the latest version of Windows and download the game pass for pc app. I had to manually search and kick off the update.

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Yeah, it made me download the windows update when I first tried to download the Xbox Game Pass for PC app.
Then, weirdly, the windows update caused my pc to forget the WiFi password.
Now the app is downloaded and installed but when I try to purchase something it says I don’t have a sub.

It seems to just show Game Pass for Xbox as listed in the subs section.

I just extended my Xbox Live Gold and bought the $1.00 Game Pass Ultimate deal and it says it is good until 4/17/2022. Mega Deal. Costco has 12 month Gold for $54.99 right now.

I could not extend gold any further…it goes to 2/28/22…oh well but i got the premium upgrade for $1