Xbox Insiders can try a single-player Grounded demo today

Original story: Xbox Insiders can join the flight for Obsidian’s Grounded on June 9th, with the game then joining Xbox Game Preview through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate the following month, on July 28th. The Grounded flight will also be available as part of the Steam Game Festival, with the game also being made available in June through Steam Early Access.

The flight runs from June 9th to June 14th, as an early demo of “one day in the life” of the single player campaign. They’ll be accepting people for the flight on a “first-come first-serve basis”, so if you’re not yet an Xbox Insider, you’ll need to join the Xbox Insider Program to have a chance to participate. You can then start downloading Grounded through the Xbox Insider Hub program from June 9th, with the opening of the flight to be announced through the game’s official Twitter account.

The Xbox Insider flight and Steam demos will run at the same time, with Obsidian then taking on feedback before the game joins Xbox Game Preview through Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass for PC, Microsoft Store, and Steam Early Access on July 28th. There’s only a few months to go before the game is released, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated with news. In the meantime, you can check out some of what we know so far, including about the mode for arachnophobes, the 90s theme, the adaptive ecology, and just how small players will be.

Update: the early single-player demo of Obsidian’s Grounded begins today, June 16th, and runs until June 22nd. If you registered to be an Xbox Insider, check the Xbox Insider Hub to see whether you can now participate in the demo. You’ll start out in the backyard, already one centimetre tall, and will have a whole in-game day to try out crafting, building, exploring, and fighting. It’s a timed 30 minute demo, but you’ll have the opportunity to restart as much as you like. The game will hen join Xbox Game Preview through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on July 28th.