Xbox raid 12/2/17

So I’m not sure if I’m aloud to post this, disregard if I’m not. My serif and some new player’s to destiny 2 have yet to run the raid so pre dlc launch i was thinking of housing one this coming Saturday. Around 3 pm for reasons.
Friday night I’m happy to run night fallen with any one that needs, but Saturday any other new comers or rerunning players that like me, wanting to try the raid prior to the dlc launch, let me know below and hopefully we can get a team or two together


You’re not only allowed to post LFG style posts but it’s highly encouraged. I’d love to see more GRG members follow suit.


Now if only we could get more @PlayStationPlayers to do this…

i would be down for this but afternoon gaming sessions are no bueno for me. I am good to go through the NF on Friday or Raid on Sat night.

I’d be down for an evening raid more than likely, i just didn’t want to interfere with the GRG event Saturday night

nah, if they are different games, then there are no issues. plenty of people to go around.

I’m going to be on a good bit tonight if gearing my titan and hunter if anyone wants to try the nightfall