XBox S w/ 500 GB Drive, Halo 5 and Ghost Recon Wildlands $250

Just passing along the savings. In case anyone wanted a sexbox.

XBox S w/ 500 GB Drive, Halo 5 and Ghost Recon Wildlands for $250.


really want to get an ‘S’…i have been looking at the Blue offered by gamestop.

dammit, i knew i would get screwed. I kinda wanted to try wildlands. i got the BF1 bundle for this price. Gave the key to my nephew.

Can you explain the interest? Genuine curiosity and not being a smartass. I have my original XOne set up beside an XSlim, And I don’t notice a difference other than size. Sometimes the S loads things faster, And sometimes my OG does. I play Overwatch with the kid on two Tv’s and 9 times out of 10, I’m in selecting a character as he’s still loading in.

size, built-in power supply, color option… all in all…will prob wait till my OG starts having issues or if there is even a sweeter deal this holiday season.

The built in power supply is pretty sweet. I’ll give you that one, Ghst

The built in PS is great. Also, it also boosts some graphics up. Or so it appears to me. Forza Horizons 3 looks amazing. Then again, I have a 4k tv.

We have it hooked up to a non 4k Smart TV. I don’t notice a difference at all. Just plays like an Xbox console to me

What type of Hdmi cable are you using? I couldn’t get my Xbox s to display in 4k until I got a Hdmi 2.0 cable. Once I did I was able to get the proper display.

It should also use HDR as well. Forza Horizon 3 looked amazing.

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