Xbox Series X|S consoles can now be reserved by US Insiders on Xbox One

Microsoft has announced the new Console Purchase Pilot program, which will allow US Xbox Insiders on Xbox One to register their interest in Xbox Series X|S via the Insider app in order to potentially reserve a console.

The Xbox Insider Twitter account just shared this news, announcing that the program is only available to US Xbox Insiders at this time, but hopefully we’ll see it roll out in other countries once it has been proven to work. As the post notes, registering interest isn’t a guarantee of getting a console, but even so, this seems like a decent way to make sure that people already invested in the Xbox family have a better chance of finally getting their hands on a new console.

To register interest (or to become an Xbox Insider in order to do so), download and open the Insider app on Xbox One — from there, you’ll either be able to join the service, or check out the Console Purchase Pilot program to try and secure yourself one of those elusive Xbox Series X consoles (Series S units seem to have been a fair bit easier to find, in our experience). Non-US folks might also want to hit the app and make sure they’re part of the Insider program ahead of the new initiative potentially rolling out in other territories in the future.



Mother fucker, just as soon as I order the S cause I gave up on ever getting the X