Xbox Tater Raid 9/7 Crown of sorrow 9pm


right back at it again…we dont know what we are doing but in the 3 weeks or so we have before Shadowkeep, GRG is back to raiding…

1st come 1st serve
signup below…i expect we will have 2 teams or more

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@devildogg2224 is in for saturday night

Down. Want to finish leviathan if possible.

Count me in! It’s gonna be great getting back into raiding!

I’ll try and be on at 9 est

I have never raided in Destiny 2. What is the Power/light level recommended

For this one we should be 740 or higher…that said as we are total noobs on CoS I’m sure anything over 700 will be fine…we will not finish it if past experience is any indication. GRG taters can make the easy hard and the difficult impossible

Cool. I’m out then that’s lightyears beyond where I’m at right now lol